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Product Features:
• 4 high quality precision ball bearings
• Triple pendulum suspension for best possible load distribution
• Special track geometry for precision action, no lateral contact
• Rubber bearings for door hangers
• 4 damper rings prevent transmission of roller noise to door panel
• Channel rail, anodized light alloy; hanger bolts and nuts stainless steel
• Outdoor installation possible
• Internally mounted, sealed ball bearings
• Large diameter rollers
• Low overall height
• Vertical and lateral adjustment
• Wall-attachment angles designed for lateral adjustment
• Channel rail can be fine-adjusted after installation
• Multiple pendulum bearing system automatically compensates for alignment errors

Range of Appliacations:
• For all single-leaf and two-leaf sliding doors
• For all door material \s, eg. Wood, metal and glass
• Wall and ceiling mounting
• For doors weighting up to 120kg per leaf